What Attracts Cockroaches to Your Home?

We all know that roaches can be very frustrating to deal with. No wonder about this. These pests are some of the most resilient pests ever existed. In fact, they were among the species who have been roaming the earth over three million years now. Once in, it will be difficult to get them out. There are a lot of DIY methods to fully wipe these roaches, an infestation is a different thing. You will need to seek professional help like Cockroach Removal Services, Springfield Mo. It is very important to get rid of them immediately as they carry diseases, aggravate allergies, give off a foul odor, and bite.  

While it is true that dirt and filth attract cockroaches, clean houses are not safe from their invasion. In some cases, we bring them into our house unknowingly. 

 Roaches just need three things to survive: Food, water, and shelter.  

1.Different types of food and food waste 

Traces of foods on the floor, unwashed plates and table, as well as stains on the stove and other parts of your kitchen, are a potential attraction to the roaches.  

Cockroaches also like sugary and sweet foods like your cakes, juice fruits, etc., If left uncovered, they also attract roach invasion. 

Aside from leftovers and uncovered food, uncovered trash is their favorite. The trash with leftover food and other garbage combined gives off an odor that are attractive to cockroaches.  

How to avoid it? 

Simple. Avoid crumbs, leftover food, greases, and stains by cleaning your kitchen after eating. Do not leave garbage bags longer and always keep them tightly sealed, avoiding roaches to have shelter in them.  

2.Water and moist areas 

They can live for two weeks without water, but longer than that is a no-no for them. Because of this, they always look out for water sources, and any stagnant water, sponges, and moist areas are a potential source.  

Other sources can be your sink, aircon units, faucets, pipes and wet towels.  

How to avoid it? 

Repair any leaking pipes, sink, and other appliances that give off water. Also, always hang towels and bathmats immediately after using them. Keep your sponges of the sink, and seal them if necessary.  


Roaches love to take shelter in tiny gaps around your houses or walls because they like to dwell on dark and narrowed spaces. They can sometimes be under the sink, appliances, cabinets, behind walls, etc. Always check for gaps on the wall and around your house. Seal them to avoid roaches sheltering in.  

Aside from tight spaces, cockroaches can sometimes live on weeds and plants that are unsustained. This includes decayed plans, grass, etc. The foul odor sometimes worsens by dead insects and feces, attracts cockroaches.  

How to avoid it? 

Keep your garden well managed, clean, tidy and your plants properly and regularly trimmed. This lessens the chances of creating odors in your garden. 


Although a clean environment has a lesser chance for roach invasion and/or infestation, it is also advised that you keep an open eye to these pests even with regular house cleaning. 

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